Our mission:

To supply naturally healthy and
high-protein food based on crickets

Our mission:

To supply naturally healthy and
high-protein food based on crickets

Our mission:

To supply natural, healthy and high protein
snacks based on cricket powder by private label


Our products*

*All products are certificated by Food Safety Authority.

*Our products suitable for ENTOVEGAN. Plants + Insects


Private label service

One stop shop


Assistance in creating new design

We can assist you with your design creation, updates and printing on all types of packaging


Assistance in creating or choosing new products

Our food technologists will help you to develop snacks, cookies, chocolate and other products according to your requirements


Assistance in right packaging and delivery on time

We can provide full support while choosing the best packaging solutions for your products in order to keep shelf-life time longer and be more visible & attractive for your customers


Some important facts


Already 2 billion people around the world eat insects


No antibiotics, drugs or other synthetic food supplements are used


Cricket farming requires much less feed and water than for chickens, pigs or cattle, and crickets do not emit environmentally harmful gases


67 % of crickets are easily digestible, high-quality proteins


Crickets are a rich source of vitamins A, E, B2 and B12, iron, omega-3, calcium, fibre, chitin and other nutrients


Crickets contain all essential amino acids


Press about us


CEE’s edible insect start-up scene is bigger than you might think

<...>“Interest is growing every day, because people are looking for something 100 per cent natural, useful both for their bodies and for our planet,” explains Mindaugas Kulvinskis of the Lithuanian start-up Crickets.lt — which offers customers a range of cricket (Acheta domesticus in scientific terms) products from high protein energy bars to cookies and even freshly frozen crickets. <...>

<...>But in the end, as with all food, it’s about the taste. Kulvinskis is confined they got that part right. “You have to create tasty food with insects. We did it. And that’s why our sales are increasing and the geography of our clients is expanding,” he concludes.<...>


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